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Dynamic WEBSite
Dynamic pages are the pages that change dynamically. Dynamic pages can change every time when they are loaded without making any changes. Dynamic web pages can also change their content based on what user do, like clicking on some text or an image. If the information stored in the database changes, the web page connected to the database change accordingly and automatically without human intervention. Dynamic sites are great for image galleries, online calendars or e-commerce etc.

Benefits of Dynamic Websites vs Static Websites
When all things in the world are susceptible and pliable to change, so should your websites. Dynamic websites are a blend of advanced and sophisticated technology making it easy to retrieve information and update it.

Working process of dynamic websites. Delivery in 5 days
1. Work Order
2. 50% Payment
3. Template select
4. Development
5. Training for data update
6. Handed over
7. Balance 50% payment

Services Included
Akkhor Software Custom CMS Akkhor Software Ready/Open CMS
Akkhor Software Easy to Upload & Update Akkhor Software Prioritize any Content
Akkhor Software Joomla, WordPress, PHP Frameworks etc.
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